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Mũi Né -Việt Nam

Mui Ne is a Vietnamese beach resort set along the beautiful long white sand beach is best known for its excellent conditions for windsurfing and kiteboarding. This tropical beach resort area is the sunniest place in Vietnam, perfect for beach holidays, and also hosts local market and shops as well as high sand dunes and nearby historical sites.

Beach resort located in Southern Vietnam near the city of Phan Thiet and not too far from Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne has developed from a secluded 10-km stretch of beach along the South China Sea into a popular resort area. The local village of the same name is located at the east end of the beach, locally called Rang. The formerly sparsely inhabited area once belonged to the ancient Cham Kingdom and has become a popular resort since the 1990s. Besides tourism, fishing and fruit cultivation are the mainstays of the local economy.
Sights and activities in Mui Ne: beach, windsurfing, kiteboarding & surfing
Mui Ne is a great place for beach holidays, offering a wide white sand beach lined with palm trees, plenty of sunshine, and an array of restaurants and small shops. Besides the beach, windsurfing in Mui Ne is the main attraction in the area that has excellent wind conditions during the winter months. Kiteboarding is another water sport that is very popular in Mui Ne, and surfing is great here from August to December. The area is also home to scenic sand dunes, and the Mui Ne village offers interesting markets for shopping local products. The Fairy Stream river canyon is a nice place for walks around Mui Ne.

Nearby attractions. Po Shanu towers near Mui Ne were built during the Cham Kingdom in the 9th century. Today, these historical ruins are a popular place to visit. The surrounding province of Binh Thuan offers a wide variety of natural attractions from mountains and rainforests to waterfalls and canyons. You can also easily visit the neighboring city of Phan Thiet that has more nightlife options and two golf courses. Local travel agencies in Mui Ne can arrange excursions to everywhere in Vietnam, but beware of overcharging.
Mui Ne travel information and practical tips
Mui Ne enjoys a dry tropical climate with windy but warm winters, a sunny dry season from December to May, and a wet season with some rain from May to July. Weather in Mui Ne is dry and hot during the autumn months.

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